Wholesale Flats

Great for rock shops, museum gift shops or starter collections for kids!

(Comes complete with black box inserts and labels for each specimen).


Note: Wholesale flats are now only available for purchase at Polman Minerals in Phoenix, Arizona or at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show on the dates that Polman Minerals is selling.
No wholesale flats will be shipped.


Two types of wholesale flats will be available. Type #1 will contain 12 different specimens. Type #2 will contain 12 of the same type specimens. The specimens in the photographs may not represent what is in each flat, they are just used as an example of the two types.


Each flat sells for $50.00 each.

Type #1 (white light)
Type #1 (SW and LW ultraviolet)
Type #2 (white light)
Type #2 (MR ultraviolet)