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Fluorescent Minerals & Ultraviolet Lamps

Polman Minerals is owned and operated by George V. Polman, a professional geologist.  Polman Minerals is one of the largest dealerships of fluorescent minerals and ultraviolet lamps in the world, having been in operation since the early 1980s.

Polman Minerals specializes in fluorescent minerals from the Franklin mine, Sterling Hill mine, Horn Silver mine, Potter-Cramer mine, as well as many other Arizona, United States and Worldwide localities.  We stock fluorescent minerals from the very common to the rarest of species.  Specimens can be found in every price range and with satisfaction guaranteed.

Polman Minerals is an authorized dealer for ultraviolet lamps manufactured by Way Too Cool and UVP, LLC.  We have over 100 models of ultraviolet lamps to choose from.

George V. Polman, R.G.
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Phoenix, Arizona  85070  USA

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