Display Cases

Polman Minerals is proud to offer the

”Polman Display Case”

(A professional fluorescent mineral display case and storage cabinet). (“Polman 1/2 Case” and “Polman Case With Base”) (see information at the bottom of the page).

The Polman Display Case (the Case) was designed by George V. Polman to optimize display, viewing and storing of fluorescent mineral specimens. The Case is custom built and hand crafted to meet rigid Polman Mineral quality standards. The Case is a one piece unit, with a display case on top, and 14 storage drawers below. The Case is also available without the drawers, and a base with two doors and empty storage below (see Polman Case With Base below).

Several Wood Types and Finishes Available
Face Plate uses OP-3 Acrylic and Glass
14 Storage Drawers 
3 4-inch Shelves
Four Adjustable Levelers at Base

Base Price = $3,595.00

(Price does not include UV lamps, shipping or other options listed below).

Display Case – The dimensions for the entire case are 71 inches tall, 49 inches wide and 28 inches deep. The display case portion is 31 inches tall, with a 7 inch valance. Inside there are three 4-inch stair step shelves. The display can hold two 18-inch Way Too Cool UV lamps side by side (not included). The interior of the display case is sprayed with two coats of a flat black paint.

The Case can be custom built to allow for the Way Too Cool external switch boxes. The external switch boxes are best mounted horizontally as seen in the photograph below. Although the switches in the box are also running horizontally in the photograph, they can be placed vertically as well.

Price for optional external switch box cutout = $45.00.

The face plate for the display case has also been optimally designed, using 1/8” OP-3 acrylic on the inside and 1/8” window glass on the outside (with small spacer in between). The OP-3 acrylic provides full ultraviolet light blocking, stopping even longwave ultraviolet light from leaving the case and causing an unwanted distraction by luminescing the viewer’s clothes, teeth etc. The face plate is held in place by two pins at the bottom and magnetic touch latches at the top. An optional cam lock is available in order to keep your display safe.

Price for optional cam lock = $30.00.

Storage Drawers – The Case comes with 14 storage drawers. The inside of each drawer is 20.5 x 20.5 inches. Each drawer front is 4.75 inches tall. Each drawer was designed to hold 16 large or 30 medium sized fold-up storage box inserts. Each storage drawer utilizes top quality slides, rated to hold 100 pounds. The slides have built in stops, so drawers will not slide off accidentally.


Drawers hold 16 large fold-up box inserts.
Drawers hold 30 medium fold-up box inserts.
Drawer slides rated for 100 pounds.

Wood Finish – The Case pictured above was constructed using oak wood, with a “golden oak” finish. Various wood types and finishes are available. Please choose wood type and finish from the options listed below. Please discuss with Polman Minerals any special wood or finish requirements you may have. Wood finish samples are available to the customer for review.

Oak with Golden Oak Finish
Oak with Medium Walnut Finish
Natural Maple with Lacquer Finish

Walnut and Mahogany woods and finishes below are available at additional cost.

Walnut = $225.00 Mahogany = $265.00


Satin Walnut on Walnut Veneer
Brown Mahogany on Mahogany Solid
Red Mahogany on Mahogany Solid

Drawer Pulls – The base price of the Case above includes the drawer pulls pictured below. The drawer pulls included in the base price are Amerock® Revitalize 128 mm bronze finish pulls. If you prefer to choose your own drawer pulls, you may deduct $50.00 from the total base price and supply the builder with your own pulls.

Amerock® Revitalize 128 mm Bronze Pull

Box Inserts – The Case comes with white fold-up box inserts (see picture below). The fold-up box inserts will arrive unfolded and unpainted. See suggestions below for painting the inserts black. See options below for ordering choices. Large boxes are 5 x 5 x 1.5-inches. The medium boxes are 3 3/4 x 3 3/8 x 1.25-inches. If you do not wish to use the fold-up box inserts, you may subtract $50.00 from the base price of the Case.

Option 1

224 large boxes (fills 14 drawers).

Option 2

420 medium boxes (fills 14 drawers).

Option 3

112 large and 210 medium boxes (fills 7 drawers each).

Shipping – The pick up or shipping of the Case will be the responsibility of the customer. If a shipping company is used, they are responsible for pick up and proper protection of the case during transit. A custom built crate can be provided for $225.00 (recommended).

Lead Time – Orders will be completed on a “first come, first served” basis. Lead time for each Case will be approximately 4-6 weeks. Payment in full to Polman Minerals must be made upon ordering.


Painting fold-up box inserts – As mentioned above, the fold-up box inserts will arrive unfolded and unpainted. For best results, we recommend painting these fold-up boxes black. We recommend a good quality flat black spray paint, such as the one pictured below.

Since not every section of the fold-up box needs to be painted, we recommend first folding one up, and then marking with a black pen each section that will need to be painted. Then you can unfold that box, and use it as a guide for painting all the remaining fold-up boxes. To paint all the fold-up boxes in Option 3 above, it will take approximately 10 cans of spray paint.

Painter’s Touch, Ultra Cover 2x Coverage
Flat Black
$4.00/Can at Home Depot®
RUST-OLEUM® Painter’s Touch, Ultra Cover 2x Coverage Flat Black $4.00/Can at Home Depot®

OP-3 Cleaner and Glass Cleaner – As mentioned above, the face plate of the Case utilizes Acrylite® OP-3 acrylic on the inside and glass on the outside. We highly recommend cleaning the OP-3 acrylic plastic with Novus® #1 Plastic Clean & Shine. This product cleans, shines and protects your acrylic. Most importantly, it is an antifog, antistatic dust repellent. This product prevents fluorescent lint and dust from being attracted to your face plate due to static charge.

This product can be purchased at any good plastic supply store or online at Roxy Enterprises NY, Inc. The price ranges from about $5.00 to $8.00 for an 8 FL. OZ bottle. Roxy sells the 8 FL. OZ bottle for $5.95 plus shipping. When cleaning your OP-3, use a clean, soft, lint free cloth.

The outside window glass can just be cleaned with any glass cleaner such as Windex® or a more professional glass cleaner such as Sprayway®. Sprayway® can be purchased at any glass company or major hardware store.

Novus® #1 Plastic Clean & Shine
Sprayway® Glass Cleaner

UV Resistant Wire Holders – We recommend attaching your UV lamps to the top front of the Case. The Case was designed to allow plenty of space from the front of the Case to the first row of specimens. After attaching your lamps, we recommend using black colored UV resistant wire holders. The wire holders picture below can be purchased at Home Depot®. If using more than one UV lamp in your case, we recommend getting the 3/4 inch size.

Gardner Bender® UV resistant nylon cable clamps (3/4-inch)

Polman Minerals is now offering the

”Polman 1/2 Case”

(A professional fluorescent mineral display case).

The “Polman 1/2 Case” is basically the upper portion, or display case portion, of the Case described above. The dimensions for the “Polman 1/2 Case” are 36 inches tall, 49 inches wide and 28 inches deep. The valance is 7 inches high. The construction is identical to the Case described above, and all the wood, wood finish and wiring options are the same. The only difference is this case does not have the storage drawers or a base. This case does not break down, and must be shipped as shown.

Price = $1,275.00

(Price does not include UV lamps, shipping or other options).

Polman Minerals is now offering the

”Polman Case With Base”

(A professional fluorescent mineral display case with storage).

case 1 large crop

The “Polman Case With Base” is basically the same as the “Polman Case”, except there are no drawers. In their place are two doors which open to allow storage beneath the case. The unit is one piece. The two doors can be opened with either bronze door pulls or push bottom latches (pictured above). The construction is identical to the Polman Case described above, and all the wood, wood finish and wiring options are the same. The “Polman Case With Base” pictured above was constructed with walnut and finished with a “Satin Walnut” finish.

Price = $2,120.00

(Price does not include UV lamps, shipping or other options).