UV LED Flashlight

UV LED Flashlight (365nm)

(Used in Our Fluorescent Mineral Education Kits)

LED Flashlight = $40.00

Flashlight Description and Uses:

This pocket size flashlight contains a light emitting diode (LED)* which emits ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 365nm (longwave or UVA).  Along with the ultraviolet light in the 365nm  wavelength, LED’s also emit some light in the visible spectrum.  This LED flashlight is fitted with a piece of ZWB3 filter glass which blocks most of the visible light waves from passing.  Unlike other LED ultraviolet flashlights on the market, this flashlight emits very little visible light, and is best for use in the mineral hobby.

This LED flashlight provides a powerful beam of light to make fluorescent longwave items fluoresce, even in normal room lighting.  As a result, this flashlight is great for spotting mineral fluorescence, special markings on new US paper currency and authentication markings on credit cards or other forms of ID.  This flashlight is also great for antique and artifact collectors to detect repairs (some glues used in repair work fluoresces brightly under longwave ultraviolet light), or any other application where a strong beam of longwave ultraviolet light may be useful.

This LED flashlight has been used by the National Park Service and others in the detection and study of White-Nose Syndrome (WNS), an emergent fungal disease in hibernating bats.


1) On/Off switch located on the body.

2) Black anodized aluminum construction.

3) Includes wrist strap.

4) Uses three AAA batteries (included).


1) Approximately 3-watt output.

2) Includes ZWB3 filter glass (pre-installed).

3) Length = 6 1/8 inches.

4) Diameter (head) 1 1/4 inches.

5) Diameter (stem) 1 inch.

6) Weight = 3.6 ounces


Important Note: The LED is a Class 3B Hazard. Do not look directly into the beam of light or shine it directly into the eyes of anything living (including your pets). Parental supervision is required when this flashlight is being used by children.

* LEDs are solid state devices that do not require heating of a filament in order to create light like other types of bulbs. In LED’s, electricity is passed through a chemical compound which becomes “excited” by the increase in energy. As a result, the compound generates light.

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