How to Find Windows 10 Product Key in Registry

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As promised, the method is quite easy and only requires a few button presses. You can have a screenshot ready for posting to the world within seconds. If you want to do some special editing with your screenshots and then share them with your pals, you can try Tip 3, below. Since it saves what is copied to the clipboard, it saves the screenshot just as windows does it, including Alt-PrintScreen when window border is different, etc.

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  • In earlier versions of Windows you can do the same thing with the Snipping Tool, which is found by clicking Start and typing “snipping tool” in the search bar.
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Return to the Activation window and see if the issue is removed. PC was previously upgraded to Windows 10 from a pirated version of Windows 7, 8.1 – Microsoft released a fix for this particular issue. Antivirus suite or Firewall is blocking product activation. Welcome to Help Desk Geek- a blog full of tech tips from trusted tech experts. We have thousands of articles and guides to help you troubleshoot any issue. Our articles have been read over 150 million times since we launched in 2008.

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The OS features an all-new simplified, yet modernized, interface and was designed to inspire productivity and creativity. If you wish to upgrade from an ISO file, choose a location for the file and change the name to something more specific. The installation files are then saved to your PC as an ISO file. Open File Explorer, then double-click the ISO file to open it and double-click the setup.exe file. If you went the USB drive route, the tool then downloads the necessary Windows 11 installation files and copies them to the USB drive.

Microsoft executive Panos Panay drew a contrast on Thursday with other app stores during the Windows 11 launch. On the Windows Store, he said, developers can use Microsoft’s payment processor (“commerce engine”), which takes a 12% fee from purchases. Or, he said, developers can use their own payment processor and keep 100% of purchases.

After you follow one of the ways to activate Windows 10 permanently above, then please check the activation status of Windows 10 installed on your laptop. Unfortunately, the price of the Windows 10 product key is quite expensive so some people choose not to buy it. Then, if you can’t activate Windows 10 if you don’t buy the product key. I like that Microsot is taking steps to make activation easier for end users. I do think, however, that the limit on the number of times you can re-activate is kinda bull .


While Windows doesn’t have a native feature that will allow you to change the default file formatof your screenshots, you can manually choose a different file format every time you take a screenshot. Upon pressing the buttons, the screen will get darker momentarily, signaling that a screenshot has been taken. The captured screenshots will be stores within the Pictures library in a folder titled Screenshots.

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Once installed, the tool sits on your screen, always letting you take screenshots instantly. This is an intuitive tool and comes with powerful features that help you take real good screenshots. This tool’s functionality has now been integrated with the Windows 11/10 OS. The Snipping Tool has been a Windows component for long. This is a very simple tool that lets you capture a selected area of the screen and save it directly as an image file.

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