Fluorescent Mineral Specimens Under Shortwave and Longwave Ultraviolet Light

Polman Minerals
Fine Fluorescent Mineral Specimens
and Ultraviolet Lamps

Photograph Gallery



George in the Rowley MineMining and Mineral Collecting Over the Years - Includes pictures of many famous mines that I have had the opportunity to collect at over the years.  Some of the mines are now closed.  Also shown are several of my good friends who have assisted me on some of my collecting endeavors.


George at the Franklin ShowMineral Shows - Includes pictures of various mineral shows I have sold at over the years, including Mesa Community College, Franklin, New Jersey and Tucson, Arizona.


Flats and flats for sale!Visiting Polman Minerals - Includes pictures of the Polman display of fluorescent minerals, as well as the garage storing hundreds and hundreds of flats of fluorescent minerals for sale!


TGMS Main ShowTucson Gem and Mineral Show - Various Years - Includes pictures taken at the InnSuites Hotel show, Westward Look show and the TGMS Main show.


Outside Dealer at Franklin ShowFranklin Mineral Show - April 26-27, 2008 and September 29-30,  2007 - Includes pictures taken at the show, the Franklin Mineral Museum, the Buckwheat Dump and the Sterling Hill Mine.

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