Fluorescent Mineral Specimens Under Shortwave and Longwave Ultraviolet Light

Polman Minerals
Fine Fluorescent Mineral Specimens
and Ultraviolet Lamps

Framed Fluorescent Mineral Photograph.
Perfect for Home or Office!


Framed Photograph



Let your friends or co-workers see the beauty of fluorescent minerals.
Great gift idea!

Price = $50.00
(plus $25.00 shipping and packaging)



1) Polman Mineral logo photograph (8 x 10-inch).
2) All wood, black contemporary frame (17.25 x 14.25-inch).
3) Beveled double matting, cream outside, black inside.
4) Glass insert.
5) Swivel locks.
6) Installed hinged hanger.
7) Full black velour back.
8) Separate card showing mineral name and location (see below).


Specimen Outline Card

Actual card size = 4.75 x 4.75-inches.


Click how to order for information on how to order your framed photograph.



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