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Welcome to the Polman Mineral Showcase. This "Showcase" will feature pictures and descriptions of fluorescent mineral specimens for sale. Specimens featured here may also include those recently released from the George V. Polman collection.  ENJOY!

NOTE: Digital photography of minerals under ultraviolet light is not an exact science. Digital photographs do not always reflect the true fluorescent response of a particular specimen. Every effort has been made to insure that the digital photographs shown here provide a true representation of the specimen. If the digital photograph deviates from the true appearance of the specimen, a note will be included with the description explaining the difference. If you have any questions regarding a particular specimen shown here, please do not hesitate to call George Polman or email. As always, Polman Minerals offers a complete money back guarantee (shipping not included) on all specimens sold through this website.



Willemite, Calcite - Sterling Hill Mine
Franklin Mine/Sterling Hill Mine - See specimens from the two classic mines in New Jersey that have produced more fluorescent mineral species than anywhere else on earth!


Calcite, Fluorite - Pure Potential Mine, Arizona

United States - See specimens from all over the United States, including many from the desert southwest.


"Fantasy Rock" Greenland
Worldwide - See specimens from classic locations outside the United States, including Sweden, Mexico, Russia, and the latest area found to produce some of the most spectacular fluorescent mineral specimens...Greenland!


Sphalerite - Horn Silve Mine
Horn Silver Mine - See specimens of sphalerite from the world famous Horn Silver Mine in Utah.   Specimens formally from the Ethan Bunker collection.


Wickenburgite, Willemite and Fluorite - Potter-Cramer Mine, Arizona
Potter-Cramer Mine - See specimens of the rare mineral wickenburgite, from the Type Locality.  Specimens may also include willemite and fluorite.


Opal, Napa County, CaliforniaReverse Auction - Specimens auctioned off in reverse!  Starting price gets lower and lower until someone makes the purchase.  These specimens are from all locations, including Franklin Mine/Sterling Hill Mine, United States and Worldwide.

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