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LED Headlamp

A must have when collecting fluorescent minerals at night!

(Also can be used for safety, emergencies, power outages, camping and so much more!)



LED Headlamp  (comes in red or black)

Price = $10.00





1) Pivoting Head                      LED Headlamp Pivot Head



2) Three modes (low, high & strobe). 
3) Ten ultra bright white light LED’s.
4) Available in two colors, red and black. 
5) Comes complete with three AAA batteries.
6) Will fit over a hardhat, but will slip off if not secured.
7) 30-day limited warranty.



Lumen Chart    FL 1 Standard Symbols Chart



From top to bottom:



1) A measurement of the total quantity of emitted light energy (in lumens). 

2) A measure of how far away the device will usefully light up an object when its beam is optimally focused (sometimes called throw). 

3) A test of how long the device will continuously operate before an “end point” (roughly 10% of its initial light output) is reached. 

4) Tells how intense the light is in the brightest part of light beam when optimally focused (sometimes called “beam candlepower”). 

5) The degree in which a device resists damage when dropped on a solid surface. 

6) Water resistance.





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