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Franklin Mineral Show - April 26-27 2008

All photographs are copyright 2008.  However, if you would like a copy of any photograph
below, I have higher quality digital images available.  Please email me.



Sterling Hill Mine
Buckwheat Dump

The Sterling Hill Mine, taken from a hillside nearby.

Trackhoe assisting field collectors at the
Buckwheat Dump.



Kerry and Claude
First Find Wollastonite

Dr. Kerry Cooper and Claude Poli checking out specimens for sale at the Franklin Museum.

An incredible “First Find” wollastontite, willemite, calcite and hardystonite specimen on display
at the Franklin Museum.  This display is a
must see when visiting Franklin, New Jersey.



Franklin Show (outside dealers)

An incredible margarosanite, willemite specimen
also at the Franklin Museum.

Dealers located outside during the show.


Dru's Booth
Fluorescent Mineral Collectors

Dr. Kerry Cooper and Paul Shizume hunting
for good fluorescent mineral specimens at Dru Wilbur’s booth during the show.

David Selem, Claude Poli, Tema Hecht and
Dick Bostwick take a second off from the
show to get their photograph taken.



Mark's Booth
Arden and Bob

Dave Wellbrock (with new look!), Mark Leger
and Jeff Bubrow shooting the bull at Mark’s
booth during the show.

Arden and Bob Fendrich (true love!) taking a break from the show for a quick photograph.





As part of the Franklin show, fluorescent mineral guest exhibits are located on the dark auditorium stage along with the fluorescent mineral dealers.  The following photographs are the display cases that make up this exhibit.  I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photographs.  Due to the large amount of stray longwave and visible light present, time exposure digital photography was difficult.



A Slice of Heaven!

A Slice of Heaven!  A huge slab of willemite and calcite from the Sterling Hill Mine.  Case
provided by the Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

Sphalerite!  Case provided by
Chris Gillis and John Dymond.




Fluorapatites of the World!

Leucophanite! (and other specimens from
Norway).  Case provided by Howard Green.

Fluorapatites of the world!  Case provided by
Stuart Schneider, author of two great
fluorescent mineral books.


George Durland's Favorite SW and LW Minerals!
Longwave Classics!

Some of “My” Favorite Shortwave and Longwave Fluorescent Mineral Specimens!  Case
provided by George Durland.

Longwave Classics!  Case provided by
Brendan Dunn.



Whole Lotta Hardy!
Fr/Og Thumbs!

Whole Lotta Hardy!  Case provided by
Richard Keller.

Fr/Og Thumbs:  A Tasty Treat! 
Case provided by Dru Wilbur.



Frankllin Delights!
Franklin Favorites!

Franklin Delights!  Case provided by
Steven Kuitems.

Franklin Favorites!  Case provided by
Peter and Andrew Mackey.



Franklin Classics!


Franklin Classics!  Case provided by the
Franklin Mineral Museum.


Franklin Mineral Show - September 29-30 2007

All photographs are copyright 2007.  However, if you would like a copy of any photograph
below, I have higher quality digital images available.  Please email me.



Franklin Show Outside
Chet Lemanski

The Franklin Show “tailgaters” selling outside
of the main show.

Chet Lemanski helping a dealer outside.



Dave and Mark
Dick and Herb

Dave Wellbrock and Mark Leger having a
great time shooting the bull.

Richard Bostwick and Herb Yeates relax
after spending some time inside looking at
fluorescent minerals.



John Ebner
Kerry and Mark

John Ebner working hard at the microscope demonstration table!

Dr. Kerry Cooper and Mark Cole catching up
on Greenland collecting stories.


Leger etc
Maureen and Tema

Mark Leger, Roman Gaufman, Dr. Warren
Miller and Denis DeAngelis enjoying the
show and the great weather.

Maureen Verbeek and Tema Hecht catching
up on old news.



Franklin Mineral Museum
Franklin Mineral Museum Display

The Franklin Mineral Museum.

Large fluorescent mineral display inside the
Franklin Mineral Museum.  Display uses eight Way Too Cool 190-watt shortwave display lamps!



Franklin Mineral Museum Display
Buckwheat Dump

Some of the specimens in the fluorescent mineral exhibit at the Franklin Mineral Museum.

The world famous Buckwheat Dump adjacent
to the Franklin Mineral Museum.



Buckwheat Dump

Sterling Hill Mine

Buckwheat Dump again.....there’s got to be a
“killer” specimen in there somewhere!

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum.


Sterling Hill Mine Adit


The Sterling Hill Mine main adit entrance.


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